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You only get one chance to make a good impression!
Make it count.
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Is this what your customer thinks after opening the car’s door?
bad smell garbarge in car
bad smell cigarettes
bad smell wet dog car smell

Eliminate Bad Smells and restore the new car scent

Refreshed Air’s odor elimination system helps car dealerships and car rental companies ensure a fresh smell when their customers open the car’s doors. The scent of a car can mean the difference between a sale and the car staying on the lot.

If it Smells, It doesn’t Sell
If it has a bad Scent, It won't Rent

The new car smell is among the most  recognizable scents and brings back the
the excitement of a new vehicle.
The Refreshed Air’s odor elimination products can be used interchangeably based on the customer’s needs. Each product is safe to be used in headliners, carpets, and floor mats without staining.

What people are saying about Refreshed Air

Jorge does an excellent job for us at the dealership. Being a former salesman in the industry, he understands the importance of having a clean, quality car to stay competitive. He’s always on time and has even bailed us out of a few potentially bad situations. I would highly recommend him personally and professionally.

Johnny S.

Seminole Chevrolet

Jorge at Refreshed Air is a lifesaver; They succeed when others fail. My go-to guys for foul odor removal!!!

Kevin S.

Service writer

I can't believe he got the smell out; it's like new again.

Courtney Gross

new car smell with neutralizer and refresher

Detailing itself helps clean cars but doesn’t address the smell of the vehicle

A professional-grade odor elimination system, Refreshed Air’s products are a complement to detailing services. That’s when the odor elimination system comes in. Refreshed Air has been successfully used in over 10,000 cars and counting.

Tested to Perfection

Jorge Estavillo is a self-made entrepreneur and the brains behind Refreshed Air. Jorge was showing a car to a customer. The customer loved the car until he opened the door and smelled the interior. After losing the sale, Jorge looked into every car odor elimination product. He didn’t find anything he would use in his car, so why would he use it in a customers’ cars? The wheels began turning in his head, and Refreshed Air began developing in March 2016.
tested to perfection to get new car smell

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